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it will not be too late. myanmar's kevin is due to meet with journalists on saturday to discuss new media laws -- myanmar's government. some say the draft bill could undo the recent reforms. in myanmar is continuing to involve. mainly campaigners for freedom have been released from detention. an increasing number of journalists are on hand to report what they say, free of any prior censorship, but they are worried about proposals for new media laws. they say freedom of speech will be stifled just like it was by the previous military governments. tothis will bring us back square one. it is a made up law, which is intended to renew the 1962 media law. >> for those in the media industry, one of the most worrying aspects is a prison sentence of up to six months for publishers or journalists who break the rules and fail to pay fines. the loosely worded draft legislation would also ban materials that violate the military-backed constitution or right thing that could incite unrest. >> just as there are people for democracy in the forums, there are also people in the government i think who want to cli
the continent. why are proposed new laws against homosexuality worrying day russians? -- gay russians? >> hello, combat. we start with a look at europe, printing some looking very unsettled and deed. this big system is affecting eastern parts of europe with another area giving snow across the u.k. with this system developing across the mediterranean. and it looked like the snow was clearing up for much of you, pushing up into this heavy snow area here. for the u.k. it is certainly looking dry. the snow is gone but it is a brisk and significant windchill expected with heavy rain across much of portugal and into more western parts of spain. is insterly influence evidence. on the 20 degrees, 22 in benghazi. >> hello, the top story on aljazeera, the president of the central african republic has fled the capital. the rebel group seized after fighting government's fault -- government forces. they said the president fail to honor a peace deal. churchgoers in cyprus are praying for economic salvation. the president has gone to brussels for last-ditch talks. former president and military ruler has lande
as homosexual propaganda. it would make it against the law to promote homosexuality to minors. some believe it is part of a government campaign against gay people. >> marina never used to be comfortable showing affection to her girlfriend in public, but after she was attacked by becamebes, she determined not to hide her homosexuality anymore. >> when they hit me, i hit back. it lasted two or three minutes. then the ambulances came and sent me to the hospital. the next day we reported it to the hospital -- police. after three months, the case has not progressed. >> the attack on marina and other lesbians in moscow was not unique. it has the gay community worried that a proposed national ban on homosexual propaganda is creating an atmosphere of homophobia. gay rallies and marches are shut down before they can begin. last year moscow banned a pride parades for 100 years. -- gay pride parades for 100 years. >> the ban is not a violation of a civilians constitutional rights. it can give young people the impression of social equality between traditional and nontraditional sexual relations. >> the
their graduation from the law college. when you talk to them, these young people, they say they fear an uncertain future, but they believe they can actually make it better. outside these campus walls, it is a little bit more grim. a lot of people feel that over the past 10 years almost nothing has been a cop list. but here there is still the hope that they can actually go out and do things and change things and make a better a rack. an iraqir we spoke to foreign minister and he said that iraqi politicians are responsible for failing iraqi citizens. >> unfortunately, recently the number of attacks has increased. a few days ago the terrorists stormed the justice ministry in downtown baghdad. car bombingsthese that indicates one thing. political differences and discourse among iraqi politicians and leaders have contributed a great deal to this lack of security. and the weaknesses also of the security regime that is in place to allow all this infiltration, and really those people should be held accountable for this lack of vigilance, lack of seriousness to protect the people. whenever you have politi
wrong. the earth was one of many celestial bodies, all of which obeyed the same impartial laws. at the same time europeans learned of that revelation, the discovery of the americas and the exploration of the far east revealed that europe wasn't the center of the world. inhis time of spiritual crisis provoked by the explosion of knowledge, artists sought new ways of seeing and understanding. the out-thrust left arm of the disciple startled and astonished its first viewers in 1600. it breaks into the space in which we stand. the naturalism of this painting of christ at emmaus by michelangelo merisi, known as caravaggio, was unprecedented. its intention is to convince us we're participants in this astonishing event, god's presence in the flesh. we may no longer regard the earth as unique, caravaggio seems be saying, but god has dwelt amongst us. divinity and sanctity are to be found in our midst. caravaggio went out into rome's streets and put people he found there in his paintings. he came to rome from northern italy in the last decade of the 16th century. a strange, violent, dri
the u.n. arms embargo is decided by the security council and the laws and regulations that define what is legal or illegal in regards to the national arms trade. >> you talk about the meeting at the u.n. we know the u.n. arms treaty has been delayed before. how confident are you the countries involved will come to any kind of significant agreement this time around? >> i think it's a challenge but i think one of the big clouds of july, that the presidential elections here in the u.s. has been lifted. and i think the u.s. will come with a very constructive position, having had time now, as requested, to study the document and make proposals to strengthen it. the challenge will be we're having a negotiation between 193 states who have raised different interests with regards to the arms trade and i think trying to find compromises that still produce a strong treaty will be where the challenge will be. it could be possible, there could be an agreement but could be a question of will that treaty make a difference? that will be a crucial element to discuss and consider during these two weeks.
toter, afghan law. >> afghan and american officials would not discuss details on what convinced american officials to turn over the remaining detainees are whether u.s. off -- officers will have some say in who let's go. it is an affirmation of afghan sovereignty, afghans say. a security agreement will spell out the role of american forces that stay in afghanistan after 2014 when the nato mission ends. it is also seen as critical of if u.s. troops are to stay beyond that point. jennifer glass, al jazeera. isthe chinese leader continuing his foreign tour with a visit to africa. sunday and signed agreements on trade, culture, and development. his trip will also see him visit south africa and the republic of congo. killed in have been violence in the central city of me and mark. a curfew has failed to stem the unrest in the country this year. fighting between muslims and buddhists has spread to different villages. at least 100 people have been displaced. the u.n. costs top envoy to burma said the government must punish those behind the attacks. ofsifting through the ashes violence that had
, to not be marginalized, to bfree activists who have been jailed for years. exploited anti-terrorism laws to clamp down on their movement. us is about a feeling of equal citizens and ricky ocean. i think this -- it is about a feeling of equal citizens and recognition. for years, they have been being partorists and of a terrorist organization. they believe that it is ocalan who can bring these and who can exert authority over the kurds.
finance law is the bedrock for the program. the foundation was to build the capacity of the local ngo so it can operate without outside help. that means that employees have to be trained at. one of her task is to visit loan recipients to check the money is being spent a lucrative late and is having a positive effect. -- to check the money is being spent lucratively and is having a positive effect. this person is a great example of what this kind of a loan can do. she runs a small restaurant, and imports and sort -- an important source of income for her family of five. with the loan, i can buy supplies and offer people more food and increase my turnover by 50%. happy. she is planning to grant her another loan. she asks if she will be able to make the larger repayments. yes, she says, it should not be a problem. she shows me her house. at the moment, she lives with her husband's parents. it for business keeps growing with the help of the loans, she hopes to be able to afford her own house one day. since the end of the military dictatorship two years ago, there has been a surge of developme
maids lost a case in the final court of appeals. they say the hongkong immigration laws are discriminatory. prisoners held at the facility at the airbase are regarded as among the most dangerous men in afghanistan. after a lot of pressure from the afghan government, the u.s. military is about to hand over control. what will happen to the prisoners? .> and over as the largest prison run by americans into afghan hands. u.s. transferred most of the facility to afghan control. not all. that may present karzai angry. he repeated the demand of the prisons be handed over, most recently in less than two weeks ago. >> i urge you to stand with me and say karzai is right. we want to take responsibility for the prison. those or innocence to be released. >> that is what worries u.s. officials. that the afghans with set free the detainees still in u.s. hands. >> americans want assurances that people they feel are dangerous, if they are released from jail, will not be released on the battlefield. they are worried about an afghan state that has a history of releasing such men. >> presid
? what's gonna happen? -- let's try it. a one, a two, a three. and there you see newton's law flawlessly executed. that distinction between-- that distinction between weight and mass, i can kind of show you that kind of neatly with this device. what i'm gonna do is take this heavy ball-- heavy ball or massive ball? - both. - yes. both, yeah. see, i'm gonna take this ball. it's got a lot of mass, also has a lot of weight, okay? and what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna take one of these strings in the bottom. you see i'll try different trials here. and i'm gonna pull, pull, pull. i'm gonna pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, until one of these strings, either the bottom one or the top one, is gonna break. and what i want you to do is i want you to guess, hypothesize, which string, the top or the bottom will break with a gradual, gradual tension increased at the bottom? check your neighbor. okay, when i pull that very, very slowly, gang, which string gonna break, top or bottom? - top. - top. top one? how many say the top? let's try it. [laughter] maybe newton's having a bad day. [laughter] you know
years old and i bike about... on the average, abouten miles a day. ndays, i have a son-in-law... we have a son-in-law who is... he's only 40 years old, and he's got a lot more energy than i have. and so, on sundays, we go up to mt. rubideaux, but of course, he's way, way ahead of me. mirich: their body adjusts to that higher activity level, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and then they'll find that, "boy, i have more energy. i am less stiff when i need to go out and mow the lawn or go shopping or to visit the grandkids. i'm sleeping better. i'm requiring less blood pressure medications. my diabetes is better controlled. i'm now able to get off my insulin and go on to an oral pill to control my diabetes." so the health benefits of a moderate exercise program is enormous even in the older population. olsen: they're very motivated. they're easier to work with, i think, in some respects because they've reached a point in their life where they know that things don't happen quickly all the time, and they're very disciplined, usually. the elements of becominphysicly f apply to al
countryside. they have a law there passed in 1985 after the name of the legislator. it offers a choice to unemployed workers. you can take a goal every week, an unemployment check the way we do in this country, or you have an option if you get at least nine other workers to make -- the unemployed workers like yourself to meet the following choice, you can get as a lump sum it can get your entire unemployment program of two years of checks in your hands right to the beginning -- you have to have nine other workers or more -- and have to use that money as the startup capital for a cooperative enterprise. the idea of the italian government was, if we give workers this to set up a job and enterprise, they will be much more committed to it than they would if they did not have that. >> how do they know they will do it? >> they don't. but they know the workers have an incentive. if they don't make that work, they cannot go back and collect unemployment the government does not spend much more than it would anyway, but it creates jobs and creates workers committed because it is their enterprise
god. the english will fall on their knees and beg thee to let them return to their lawful homes in peace. wilt be a poor little judas and betray me and him that sent me? i shall dare, dare and dare again in god's name. art for or against me? no wonder that joan has fascinated playwrights and actresses. shaw said of joan, she was very capable, a born boss. in scene one, joan persuades captain robert baudricourt to support her cause and to give her a horse and armor. in scene two, she convinces the dauphin she is sent to drive the english away from orleans and to crown him king in the cathedral at reims. eventually, the knights all pledge themselves to joan's cause. in scene three, joan and the army wait on the south bank of the loire for a west wind. joan prays, the wind changes, and the boats advance the army to the english encampment. scene four takes place in the english camp after joan and her army have won french victory at orleans. the english and the french churchmen plan for joan's fall. this production covers the last two scenes of the play and the epilogue. we begin wit
essential to create a sustaining spiritual movement. just as earlier religious movements came up with laws 4,000, 6,000, 2,000 years ago, those mandates were to assure life - they were all life-sustaining. and today, we're needing to change a consciousness about what we value spiritually, to create a true life-sustaining paradigm, and i think that that is that call to earth-based spirituality. whether it comes through matthew fox in the catholic church, or through people who want to step out and use more radical terminology, it is our times, and a spirituality that is beginning to address the needs of these times. >> i think edward hays is another catholic priest who speaks comfortably in the same language. >> and thomas berry. >> yes. >> i also know that starhawk does - when she's come to our land - she's come to our land several times, three or four times - in the course of a week of working with starhawk, there is often time set aside where people can honor their - the spiritual religious traditions and rituals of other religions. she often has a jewish - >> seder. >> - seder during her t
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)